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Thinking in Java, w. CD-ROM

von Bruce Eckel

ISBN: 0131002872

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Great Start for OOP
If you have some procedural programming experience already then this book will be great for you to switch to the world of OOP. If not, then take it slow, but it can still work. I took an OOP course featuring C++ and got lost quickly, but in just a few chapters of Bruce Eckels' book, he helped me to understand what I had missed. The book starts out with a great foundation of explaining what objects are, then tells us that Everything is and object, and explains why. It explained these concepts in simple terms. The book then pays a little respect to program flow. For those who already have had programming experience, this is a quick read. Then it is back to the OOP ideas and then on into some more advanced Java topics. Excellent grouping and interesting section titles keep it a relatively light read. It covers the Java language, not just applets. That was refreshing.

Good book.
I bought this book after reading the download-able version. I really admire an author that does what Mr. Eckel did with this book, letting people 'try it out' prior to purchasing it. Perhaps if more authors did this there would not be quite as many mediocre computer books published. Ignoring my opinions of the computer book publishing industry for a moment, I must say that Mr. Eckel has done an outstanding job, yet again. He has a clear, concise way of writing that manages to avoid the overly-chatty style that some technical books are prone to. There are probably better tutorials out there if you have no programming experience - one of the book's strengths and weaknesses is that Mr. Eckel does not belabor points. If you like books that are repetitive and boring (and who doesn't?), you probably shouldn't get this one. An interesting feature of the book is that it spends a lot of time talking about C++. This is probably because Mr. Eckel comes from a strong C++ background. He constantly compares Java language features with those of C++, pointing out areas where both languages have advantages and disadvantages. His unbiased views of both languages are a nice respite from the current language propaganda wars.

Excellent (non-code) introduction to JAVA
This book provides an excellent introduction to the Java language and how to use object orientated principles. The book is very easy reading and concentrates on concepts instead of delivering a crash course on how to code like some 'Learn in 21 days' books. I can't stress how well written this book is comparing it to other computer geek books. Those with C++ experience will definately benifit from the book's direct comparisons between Java and C++ features. INTERESTING NOTE: The book is available online for free direct from the author, it's not pirated, but I don't know the address of hand.
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