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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3-Volume Set with CD-ROM)

von David D. Stark

Kategorie: Bildgebende Verfahren allgemein
ISBN: 0323005101

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Kurzbeschreibung This is the third edition of THE reference for the subspeciality of MRI, continuing to provide the kind of comprehensive and authoritative coverage that the previous two successful editions have provided. Exhaustive, encyclopedic coverage with 2,800 book pages and 7,320 images/illustrations (320 in color). All chapters have been exhaustively revised, and the number of images has been increased. This edition will be much more manageable than the previous edition due to the fact that it will be presented in three volumes (the second edition was presented in two volumes), still continuing the logical organization by body region that was followed in the first two editions. Volume 1 will cover physics and body, Volume 2 will cover musculoskeletal system, and Volume 3 will cover brain, head and neck, and spine. With a brand-new contemporary two color design featuring key points summary boxes in each chapter and more correlative pathology throughout.

Synopsis This is the joint package of the book and CD-ROM "Magnetic Resonance Imaging".

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