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Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Central Nervous System Disease

von Douglas H. Yock

Kategorie: Bildgebende Verfahren allgemein
ISBN: 0323011721

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From Book News, Inc. A teaching file that presents a broad range of cranial and spinal MR images within a structured format--each page featuring a pair of related scans. The images on facing pages often illustrate comparisons or variations, and about 25% of the volume is devoted specifically to differential diagnosis. Discussions concentrate on the interpretation of MR scans, with secondary emphasis on clinical correlation and pathophysiology. The cases presented offer a survey of CNS diseases, but are not all-inclusive, and anatomical variants and technical artifacts are demonstrated only if they mimic pathology and ENT disorders that are largely omitted. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Kurzbeschreibung The thoroughly updated 2nd Edition of this user-friendly resource uses over 1200 carefully selected cases to examine the entire spectrum of CNS diseases of the head and spine. Over 1350 illustrations of neuropathology depict both typical and unusual appearances. Hundreds of cross references link the cases to each other to highlight similarities, distinctions, and variations among conditions. Consistent labeling of images on each page enable quick scanning of individual topics.

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