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Programming Microsoft Windows CE, w. CD-ROM

von Douglas Boling

Kategorie: Windows CE
ISBN: 0735614431

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a "must have" for every CE programmer
This book is a must have for every CE programmer working with C.
It covers the basic as well as advanced topics for writing programs with embedded visual c++. The example programs are written in plain C (neither MFC or C++).
A rate of 5 stars from me, as this book is one of the primary resources for finding programming answers.


This is (so far) THE book on programming WindowsCE
Of all the books I looked at for Windows CE programming, this was by far the best. If you've read Petzold's Programming Windows, you'll feel right at home. Has the same style of writing & examples. Easy to pick up for even the novice C/C++ programmer.

All code is written in C. Doesn't use the Windows CE SDK, MFC, or ATL.

Petzold is a better buy
Most of this book follows the model of Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows" series. Most of the emphasis on specific Windows CE topics is on areas of control and UI programming that more experienced Windows programmers will find fairly straightforward. I was disappointed in the books complete lack of Windows CE ActiveSync coverage, arguably one of the toughest aspects of Windows CE programming.
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