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Calcium Signaling Protocols

von David G. Lambert

Kategorie: Zellbiologie
ISBN: 0896035972

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From Book News, Inc. Presents experimental protocols for studying Ca2+ signaling, explaining common and more sophisticated methods with detailed step- by-step instructions. After theoretical discussion of Ca2+ measurements, sections cover both Ca2+ entry and release from intracellular stores, and offer notes on potential pitfalls and tips on how to avoid failures. For biochemists, biologists, and pharmacologists. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis David Lambert and a panel of leading authorities present a wide range of experimental protocols for studying Ca2+ signaling. These optimized techniques cover the more common applications, including 45Ca2+ flux measurements, and basic fluorometric technology, as well as more sophisticated methods, including confocal microscopy and subcellular Ca2+ imaging. There are also methods largely based on fluorescence measurement to determine Ca2+ channel activity and the release of Ca2+ from intracellular...

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