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Pcr Cloning Protocols

von Bing-Yuan Chen

Kategorie: Zellbiologie
ISBN: 0896039692

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Synopsis This completely revised second edition provides proven protocols for PCR cloning and mutagenesis, allowing researchers of all levels to increase their success rate in their experiments. The authors have divided the book into five parts, beginning with performing and optimising PCR to Cloning PCR products, through to mutagenesis and recombination. The final two parts cover the cloning of unknown neighbouring DNA and DNA library construction and screening. Each part includes an overview that summarises the current methods available and their underlying strategies, advantages and disadvantages for the particular research. The techniques bring to both new and established researchers the power to apply PCR-based methodology to the cloning and modification of DNA, either through innovative protocols or by fostering individual creativity to modify and customize the protocols to best fit their own needs.

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