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The European Reformations.

von Carter Lindberg

ISBN: 1557865752

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An important development in Western culture, well explained.
This is a must-read. Lindberg's introduction to the Reformation not only weaves an exciting narrative about the men and women (mostly men) who shaped the Reformation, but provides insight to the culture that produced them with real sympathy and conviction.

In addition to the expected chapters on Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, the "radical reformers" et al, Lindbergh explains the Reformations (notice the plural--a key point of Lindberg's) as they unfolded uniquely in various countries and in response to peculiar stimuli. Political, social, and economic ramifications are also explored to some degree. Despite all this weighty content, Lindberg's writing is easy to read, his argument effortless. "The European Reformations" sheds light on both the 16th century and our own. I strongly recommend it.
> The European Reformations.

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