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The Janissaries (Elite)

von David Nicolle

ISBN: 185532413X

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Very good
This is certainly one of the best volumes in the Osprey Elite Series. Author David Nicole gives an excellent overview of the Janissary corps of the Ottoman army, without the usual western European bias. The chapters: Origin and evolution of the Janissary corps - Recruitment and training - Ottoman army infantry forces - Uniforms and weaponry - Strategy and tactics - Promotion, pay and morale - Support, services and other duty - Other infantry forces. The book is no easy reading, as David Nicole uses the correct Turkish terms for weapons, army units and the like; but he explains all terms, so with a little bit of effort one can follow his thoughts and learn a lot. The illustrations by Christa Hook are of outstanding quality. The book should even interest readers who are already familiar with the subject.
> The Janissaries (Elite)
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