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An Introduction to the Principles of Medical Imaging

von Chris Guy

Kategorie: Bildgebende Verfahren allgemein
ISBN: 1860941389

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From Book News, Inc. Provides a non-mathematical introduction to the principles underlying modern medical imaging, particularly tomography. The first three chapters cover general principles of tomography, the atomic and nuclear physics basis of modern imaging, and radiation protection. Subsequent chapters address radiation protection, x-ray radiography, gamma imaging, MR, ultrasound, and the clinical role of diagnostic imaging, the latter illustrated with fictional clinical histories. Some mathematical background is provided in three appendices. Distributed by World Scientific.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis The introduction of X-ray CT 25 years ago revolutionized medical imaging; X-ray CT itself provided the first clear cross-sectional images of the human body, with substantial contrast between different types of soft tissue. The enduring legacy of CT is however the spur that it gave to the subsequent introduction of tomographic imaging techniques into diagnostic nuclear medicine and the extraordinarily rapid development of MR over this period. This book is a non-mathematical introduction to the...

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