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NMR Spectroscopy in Drug Development and Analysis

von Ulrike Holzgrabe

Kategorie: Spektroskopie
ISBN: 3527300929

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Book Description Illustrating the power and versatility of NMR spectroscopy in pharmaceutical science, this book describes in depth how the method can be employed in virtually all aspects of drug analysis. The authors explore the use of NMR analysis in determining the content of and impurities in drugs, the composition of polymer excipients, the characterization of isomeric drug mixtures, the complexation of drugs with small-size components, and the behavior of drugs in acid and basic solutions.

Synopsis Since the development of the NMR spectrometer in the 1950s, NMR spectra have been widely used for the elucidation of the 2D structure of synthesized and natural compounds. In the 1980s, the high-resolution NMR spectrometer ( 300 Mhz) and 2D experiments were introduced, which opened up the possibility to determine the 3D structure of large molecules, especially biomolecules. However, NMR spectroscopy has rarely been applied to drug analysis. This volume illustrates the power and versatility of...

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