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Coloured Petri Nets, in 3 Vols., Vol.2

von Kurt Jensen

Kategorie: Neuroanästhesie & Neuromonitoring
ISBN: 3540582762

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From Book News, Inc. Shows how colored Petri nets (CP-nets) have developed from being a promising theoretical model to being a full-fledged language for the design, specification, simulation, validation and implementation of large software systems. In this first volume of a three volume set, the net model is defined and basic concepts discussed. Many examples are presented in detail, a brief overview of industrial applications is offered, and a description of a set of CP-net tools is given. Most of the material is application oriented. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Kurzbeschreibung This three-volume work presents a coherent description of the theoretical and practical aspects of coloured Petri nets (CP-nets). The second volume contains a detailed presentation of the analysis methods for CP-nets. They allow the modeller to investigate dynamic properties of CP-nets. The main ideas behind the analysis methods are described as well as the mathematics on which they are based and also how the methods are supported by computer tools. Some parts of the volume are theoretical while...

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