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NMR. Tomography, Diffusometry, Relaxometry

von Rainer Kimmich

Kategorie: Spektroskopie
ISBN: 3540618228

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Kurzbeschreibung Tomography, diffusometry and relaxometry are fields based on common physical principles. The combined use of such techniques provides synergistic insight into physicochemical material properties of an object. The difficulty which newcomers to the field face is to practice and to apply theoretical formalisms from different sources while still learning the principles of NMR and while being already engaged in NMR research. So the author's ambition is a treatise that offers easy and quick access for the reader to any implied matter of interest. He has exerted himself to facilitate the comprehension of NMR principles by extensive cross-referencing among the sections and chapters.

Synopsis Concerned with providing quick and easy access to theoretical formalisms of NMR, this text includes chapters on: spin coherence and echoes; molecular motion; and localization and imaging. It incorporates cross-referencing among the different sections and chapters.

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