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    Acoustic Emission - Beyond the Millennium
    von Japan) International Acoustic Emission Symposium 2000 Tokyo
    Signals, Oscillations, and Waves : A Modern Approach (Artech House Signal Processing Library)
    von D. E. Vakman
    Handbook for Industrial Noise Control
    von Nasa
    The Changing Water Utility : Creative Approaches to Effectiveness and Efficiency
    von Garrett Westerhoff
    Constellation Shaping Nonlinear Precoding and Trellis Coding for Voiceband Telephone Channel Modems : With Emphasis on Itu t Recommendation V 34)
    von Steven A. Tretter
    Acoustic Communication
    von Barry Truax
    Acoustic Communication
    von Barry Truax
    2000 Water Utility Compensation Survey
    von Awwa Staff
    Health Effects and Occurrence of Disinfection By-Products
    von Richard J. Bull
    Water Quality Impacts from Blending Multiple Water Types
    von Joanna Peet
    Artificial Intelligence Systems for Water Treatment Plant Optimization
    von Christopher W. Baxter
    Air-Release, Air/Vacuum and Combination Air Valves M51 (Awwa Manual, M51)
    Spoken Language Processing: A Guide to Theory, Algorithm and System Development
    von Xuedong Huang
    Acoustic Wave Sensors : Theory, Design, and Physico-Chemical Applications (Applications of Modern Acoustics Series)
    von David Stephen Ballantine
    Slips of the Ear : Errors in the Perception of Casual Conversation
    von Zinny S. Bond
    Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Mobile and Wireless Communications
    von Colin Campbell
    Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis Using Discrete Sources
    von Adrian Doicu
    Signal Processing for Active Control
    von Stephen Elliott
    Foundations of Engineering Acoustics
    von Frank Fahy
    The General Theory of Acoustics
    von Paul Filippi
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