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Outdoor jacket with innovative spacer knits for thermal insulation

07.06.2005 - (idw) Hohensteiner Institute

Within a current research project, the Hohenstein Institutes have developed a prototype of an outdoor jacket using innovative spacer knits for thermal insulation and have tested its clothing physiological properties in comparison to standard commercial materials such as fleece and nonwovens. The results of the extensive laboratory test are as follows: spacer knits offer specific advantages when liquid perspiration has to be transported and dried quickly - in other words, primarily for strenuous physical activities. They are therefore particularly well-suited to sports wear (e.g. winter sports, mountaineering) as well as for workwear (e.g. for protective clothing for construction workers). Under "normal" wear conditions with moderate production of perspiration, on the other hand, fleece material is superior to the tested spacer knits with respect to thermal insulation and breathability. If, however, the clothing is compressed by external influences related to wear (e.g. by a rucksack), the 3D spacers used demonstrate better thermal insulation properties here, too, thanks to their high elasticity under compression. Spacer knits also have significant potential for optimisation, which means that their range of application can be extended by specifically altering particular construction parameters.
Contact: Mariana Schubert, department of Textile Services & Innovations, Tel.: +49 7143 271-625, e-mail:

Bönnigheim, June 2005

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