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Guarantor of optimum product quality - the Hohenstein Quality Label

07.06.2005 - (idw) Hohensteiner Institute

Depending on their intended purpose, modern clothing and home textiles have a range of special functional properties. The consumer is not easily able to evaluate individual quality features such as wear comfort, sufficient protection against UV-radiation or the antimicrobial effect at the point of sale, however. The Hohenstein Quality Label therefore offers manufacturers an additional way in which to advertise and market their products, and provides users with a reliable guide to help them purchase suitable products.
The independent quality test at the Hohenstein Institutes is currently available in the areas of clothing physiology, UV-protection, consumer tests (apparatus), material testing (colour fastness, pilling behaviour etc.) and textile services (leasing textiles). In the area of clothing physiology, biophysical test methods can be used to evaluate the following product properties, for example: wear comfort, physiological comfort, breathability, anti-static properties and sleep comfort ratings. If these are used in conjunction with other test results from various other fields of work, objective and far-reaching quality statements can be made about a product.

Bönnigheim, June 2005

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