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No Fireworks on New Year's Eve without a BAM test mark

19.12.2006 - (idw) Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) has tested the new fireworks for New Year's Eve of 2006 for their safety. 154 fireworks received the approval, while 117 were rejected. In comparison to the previous year the number of refusals increased by about 8 %. An approval certificate reads for example: BAM - P II - 1912.

Fireworks without a BAM approval or with falsified approval certificate often exhibit a high hazard potential and their quality and handling safety cannot be estimated.

Fireworks contain explosive materials and can produce dangerous effects. The unrelenting trend continues toward fireworks batteries and combinations: new effects are combined in complete miniature "large fireworks".

In Germany fireworks are tested by BAM for their composition and function to provide protection for people and goods. If the tests show that the fireworks are safe when the operating instructions are observed, they receive an approval.

The increased refusals can be attributed to the fact that new manufacturers and importers aim to acquire an approval for their fireworks for the German market. Since the quality of the approval samples is not yet satisfactory, some German importers exert an increasing influence on the manufacturing and quality assurance in China.

Work is going on Europe-wide on the harmonization of the provisions for fireworks. The European Commission intends to pass a pyrotechnics directive to permit the marketing based on international approval conditions. The political decision should be taken in the Competition Committee soon this year. Then the national implementation of the directive can take place in Germany before the end of 2007. BAM is one of the few institutions in Europe which already carries out its tests based on the European standards or draft standards.

BAM has considerably simplified another test and certification process in the field of explosive legislation, the no-objection certificate for the provision of fireworks in shops, without reducing the safety level. This is an important step towards deregulation for industry.

Inquiries about goods offered and exact production figures should be directed to the

Verband der Pyrotechnischen Industrie
(Association of the Pyrotechnic Industry)
An der Pönt 48
D-40885 Ratingen
Phone: +49 2102 18 62 00

Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kurth
Working Group Pyrotechnics of Division II.3 Explosives
Phone: +49 30 8104-1234

Liste der zugelassenen Feuerwerkskörper der Klasse I
(List of certified Class I fireworks):
Liste der zugelassenen Feuerwerkskörper der Klasse II
(List of certified Class II fireworks):


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