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Attention, top secret! 150 cryptographers come to Luxembourg

20.03.2007 - (idw) Universität Luxemburg - Université du Luxembourg

Online shopping, online banking, online tax declaration ? the number of internet transactions constantly grows. But how one can guarantee the security of e-commerce, e-banking and e-government? What are the risks that merchants and managers have to bear in mind - what are the answers from the researchers?
This is the subject of the Conference "Fast Software Encryption 2007" which the University of Luxembourg is organizing in cooperation with the "International Association for Cryptologic Research" and with support from the "Fonds national de Recherche" in Luxembourg on 26--28 March 2007. 150 prominent specialists from all over the world will attend the conference, including researchers from academia, industry and national security governmental institutions. Cryptography has become a fascinating science long before the appearance of the bestseller "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. Jean-Claude Asselborn, professor of computer science of the University of Luxembourg: "Cryptography develops in constant arms race between cryptanalysts, who constantly try to break the existing codes and code designers, who create new, stronger codes". The conference is chaired by two professors of the university of Luxembourg, professor Asselborn as the General Chair of the conference, and professor Alex Biryukov as the Program Chair. The topic of the conference is of great importance for the financial sector, taking into account high security requirements of the financial transactions.

Cryptography nowadays is the branch of computer science. The word cryptography has greek roots from kryptós "hidden" and gráfo "write", thus meaning "secret writing". Ron Rivest, a famous cryptographer, defined it as:
"communication in the presence of the adversaries". For centuries the main users of cryptography were governments and banks, but nowadays cryptography has become an integral part of our everyday life: Internet, mobile phone, credit card payments and even withdrawal of cash from a bancomat would not be possible without cryptography.

In the framework of the conference at the Neumunster abbey the experts will present and discuss results of their most recent research. The conference by itself is not secret and is open to the public! All interested parties are welcome.

For interviews:

Prof. Jean-Claude Asselborn: Tel. + 352/46 66 44 - 6224,
E-Mail (responsible for the relations with press)

Prof. Alex Biryukov: Tel. + 352/46 66 44 - 6793,
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