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IP Global Edition: Limits to Growth?

22.03.2007 - (idw) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP)

The newest issue of INTERNATIONALE POLITIK-GLOBAL EDITION is currently available online, most articles accessible free of charge. The issue's focus "Limits to Growth?" includes contributions on climate change, megacities, demography, energy security, growth-driven economics, resource conflicts, and nuclear power, as well as other topics. Contributors include German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who addresses the international community's sensitive relationship to Russia under Vladimir Putin. Former Defence Ministry planner Ulrich Weisser argues that the West must reach out to Russia and integrate it into the community of democratic states. But former East German dissident Wolfgang Templin is considerably more skeptical of Russia's intentions and the implications of Russian power for its neighbors. The German Marshall Fund's Ulrike Guerot examines the possibility of Germany and France teaming up again to get the European Union back on track.

The six-year archive of IP-GLOBAL EDITION is also now also available online.

IP-GLOBAL EDITION is an English-language quarterly affiliated with IP (INTERNATIONALE POLITIK), which is Germany's leading foreign affairs monthly.

It is published by the German Council on Foreign Relations.

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