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Murmann School is "Selected Landmark 2007" in the Land of Ideas

26.09.2007 - (idw) Murmann School of Global Management and Economics

In Kiel the Murmann School of Global Management and Economics was awarded the title "Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2007" on the grounds of its future-oriented concept for academic further education that is specially designed to fulfil the requirements of the international economy. As a result of this award by the landmark initiative of the Federal Government and the German economy "Germany - Land of Ideas", renowned representatives from the worlds of commerce and science discussed the new management strategies during the Murmann Forum in the plenar hall of the Schleswig-Holstein parliament in particular in view of advancing globalisation and international involvement of the economy. In his laudatio Olaf Meuser of the Deutsche Bank and representative of the initiative particularly emphasised the fitness for the future of this hotbed for budding managers. He said: "The world is constantly moving closer together. In particular companies and organisations must think and act globally. The initiators of the Murmann School of Global Management and Economics have recognised this. Klaus Murmann, the founder after whom the school has been named, is proud of this award. His initiative is meant to offer an incentive for the re-orientation of further academic education for executives, thereby ensuring that the actual requirements of the business world are fulfilled.

"With the Murmann School of Global Management and Economics Schleswig-Holstein now has a further institution of international format that is supported by the competence of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel and Kiel Institute for the World Economy", said Minister President Peter Harry Carstensen. The new form of management training in a top-level further education facility in Kiel will fulfil the requirements of globalisation.The head of the Schleswig-Holstein parliament congratulated the Murmann School on receiving the award in the contest "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas". "It is really admirable that the Murmann School has been given credit for being a landmark in the Land of Ideas - even before its first course has taken place", Carstensen added.

In his opening lecture during the Murmann Forum, Dennis J. Snower, president of Kiel Institute for the World Economy, declared a new orientation of management strategies as being the creed of the founders of the business school. "Globalisation changes the division of labour. The organisation of production, work and the authority structures of many globally active companies is currently changing and will continue to change. This demands a new way of thinking about the targets of global management in the world's economy". As participant in the panel discussion that followed, Murmann and Snower together with Dodo zu Knyphausen Aufseß, full professor for human resources and organisation at the University of Bamberg, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, chairman of the board of E.ON Energie AG and Jörg Stolzenburg, principal of Towers Perrin examined how fundamentally all branches of industry and companies were affected by the internationalisation of the economy and developed visions for the management strategies of the future.

As one of over 1,500 landmarks the Murmann School of Global Management and Economics had taken part in the competition "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" which is being mutually carried out by the Deutsche Bank and the landmark initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas". It is the aim of the business school to convey a grounding in business administration and economics to executives and to management trainees so that they will be able to think and act competently in global contexts. As from October 2007 two- to five-day executive courses on selected topics will be offered and from autumn 2008 onwards the Master's degree course Master of Science in global management and economics and since August 2007 in cooperation with Kiel Institute for the World Economy the Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research. Findings from the research - also in collaboration with project partners - will be integrated in the teaching material.

The Deutsche Bank is exclusive partner of the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas". With "365 landmarks in the 'Land of Ideas' a network of power output, visionary thinking, creative enthusiasm and entrepreneurial audacity is emerging in Germany", was how Olaf Meuser explained the project. "Germany - Land of Ideas" is the mutual landmark initiative of the federal government and the German economy, represented by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (Federal Association of the German Industry). The aim is to convey both at home and abroad an image of Germany as an innovative and cosmopolitan country. Patron of the initiative is the federal president Horst Köhler.

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