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RUBIN for Europe - RUBIN scientific magazine in English for the first time

02.04.2008 - (idw) Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Bochum, 02.04.2008
Nr. 90

How biogas gets into the pipeline - and how to make sure knowledge does not retire

"How biogas gets into the pipeline" and what needs to be done "to make sure knowledge does not retire (with the employees)" are just two of altogether twelve topics with which the scientific magazine RUBIN presents projects from the European Framework Programme. All articles share the aspect of close cooperation by scientists from the Ruhr-Universität with other groups of European researchers. With this issue, RUBIN is now being published completely in English for the first time. EuropeRUBIN: Contents

Greeting: European research strengthens the innovation state North Rhine-Westphalia (Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Innovation, Science, Research an Technology of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia); Editorial: European research projects in the 6th Framework Programme - Modern EU research sustains competitiveness (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Awakowicz, Vice Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer, Ruhr-Universität Bochum); Sciences: Safe and gentle (BIODECON - Project develops plasma sterilisation), Humanities: Making sure knowledge does not retire (Human resources development for the SME sector), Medicine: Why are we still waiting for the HIV vaccine? (DEC-VAC researchers activate the immune system against HIV infections), Engineering: How biogas gets into the pipeline (EU funds research for SME companies); Facets: In the tombs of the Etruscans (The virtual museum invites visitors to a treasure hunt in tombs that are 2,500 years old), Home-grown hydrogen (They work best under stress: microalgae as hydrogen factories), Partitioning and transmutation (European transmutation research: shortening the radiation period of radioactive waste), Just a few cells (New molecular techniques for early detection of pancreatic cancer), The molecular magic drawing board (Chemists write and read in the nanometre range), Religious marketplace (European Integration and the effect of religious diversity), Europe goes underground (TUNCONSTRUCT - the largest tunnel construction project ever), Penalties, and the goalkeeper's brain (Neuroscientists investigate the complex control mechanisms of movement sequences); RUBIN online:

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