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New Perspectives on Gender and Globalization: ZMO-Kolloquium 2009/10

21.10.2009 - (idw) Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren Berlin e.V. (GWZ)

Date: 29.10.09, 6pm
Venue:Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO)
Kirchweg 33
14129 Berlin-Nikolassee

"At Home in the World: Globalizing Domesticity at the Sidon Girls School"

Lecture by Prof Ellen Fleischmann (University of Dayton, USA)

Opening lecture of the ZMO-Kolloquium 2009/10 "New Perspectives on Gender and Globalization" This lecture series explores the impact of processes of globalization on local articulations of gender. It aims at revisiting the relations between these two - by now classical - fields of social science research by bringing together current perspectives from anthropology, history and Islamic studies. Presenting state of-the-art research on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the lectures
will investigate ways in which globalization processes reconfigure gender norms and relations, as well as gendered spheres of action, in particular local settings.(Concept and organization: Dr Marloes Janson and Dr Katharina Lange).

Ellen Fleischmann is Associate Professor of history at the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, USA. She is the author of The Nation and Its 'New' Women: the Palestinian Women's Movement, 1920-1948 (University of California Press), and numerous articles about the history of women and gender, women's movements, and American Protestant missionaries in the modern Middle East. She is currently working on a book about American Protestant missionaries and women in Greater Syria, c. 1840-1940.

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