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EMBO recognizes 63 researchers for advances in life sciences

27.10.2010 - (idw) EMBO - European Molecular Biology Organization

Heidelberg, Germany, 27 October 2010 The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) today announced the recognition of outstanding research contributions by 63 life scientists from 14 countries. The researchers are awarded the life-long honour of EMBO membership, joining almost 1500 of the worlds leading molecular biologists. EMBO Members are the basis for the organizations international reputation and our most valuable asset, said Maria Leptin, EMBO Director. We welcome this years group of exceptional scientists and look forward to their fresh input and ideas to advance the life sciences.

Each year, the EMBO membership nominates and elects new members based on scientific excellence. Forty-nine from this years election work in countries across Europe and become EMBO Members. Fourteen of those elected work in the United States, Japan and Taiwan and are honoured as EMBO Associate Members. International mobility has been key for many of the new members and associate members as they progressed in their scientific careers, fostering innovative and collaborative research globally.

The 63 scientists represent a broad cross-section of research covering classical areas of molecular biology as well as rapidly developing fields such as systems biology, neuroscience and cancer biology. Many of them bridge across a number of fields, from biology to medicine, biochemistry or biophysics. Twelve female researchers are recognized this year.

By their involvement with the organizations activities, the selected researchers will help shape the direction of the life sciences in Europe. More than half of the EMBO Members contribute by serving on advisory editorial boards of the organizations four scientific journals, mentoring young researchers, providing expertise to EMBO programmes and taking the lead on new initiatives. Members also nominate candidates for the annual EMBO Gold Medal award.

A list of the newly elected EMBO Members and Associate Members accompanies this announcement. They will be welcomed into the EMBO community at the EMBO Members Workshop to be held in Heidelberg in autumn 2011.


Anna Akhmanova, Netherlands
Judith Patricia Armitage, United Kingdom
Jürg Bähler, United Kingdom
Yves Barral, Switzerland
Michael Bate, United Kingdom
Roland Beckmann, Germany
Michel Bornens, France
Nick Brown, United Kingdom
Keith Caldecott, United Kingdom
Jason W. Chin, United Kingdom
Tim Clausen, Austria
Vincent Colot, France
Maria Pia Cosma, Spain
Gideon J. Davies, United Kingdom
Ilan Davis, United Kingdom
Stefanie Dimmeler, Germany
Patrik Ernfors, Sweden
Marie-Anne Felix, France
Dominique Ferrandon, France
Jiri Friml, Belgium
Rudolf Glockshuber, Switzerland
Keith Gull, United Kingdom
Douglas Hanahan, Switzerland
Michael Häusser, United Kingdom
Karl-Peter Hopfner, Germany
Laurent Keller, Switzerland
Ulrike Kutay, Switzerland
Karim Labib, United Kingdom
Ernest Laue, United Kingdom
Thomas Laux, Germany
Elena A. Levashina, France
Carlos López-Otín, Spain
Zachary F. Mainen, Portugal
Andreas Radbruch, Germany
Freddy Radtke, Switzerland
Nikolaus Rajewsky, Germany
Erez Raz, Germany
Carol Robinson, United Kingdom
Giampietro Schiavo, United Kingdom
Ton N.M. Schumacher, Netherlands
Irmgard Sinning, Germany
Holger Stark, Germany
Michel O. Steinmetz, Switzerland
Sharon Tooze, United Kingdom
Miltos Tsiantis, United Kingdom
Malcolm White, United Kingdom
Kenneth H. Wolfe, Ireland
John Wood, United Kingdom
Arturo Zychlinsky, Germany


Shizuo Akira, Japan
Elizabeth H. Blackburn, United States

Roger J. Davis, United States
Andrew Z. Fire, United States
Jeffrey Friedman, United States
Elaine Fuchs, United States
Michael R. Green, United States
Thomas M. Jessell, United States
Robert Martienssen, United States
Thomas D. Pollard, United States
Clifford Tabin, United States
Robert A. Weinberg, United States
Chi-Huey Wong, Taiwan, Province of China
Shinya Yamanaka, Japan Weitere Informationen:
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