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EU-Project KNOWME launches brand new maritime information portal Go-Maritime.Net

25.06.2014 - (idw) Hochschule Bremen

The e-portal Go-Maritime is online now. The innovative web presence builds the new career harbour for pupils, students, job beginners and for young professionals who are interested in a career in the European Maritime Industry. It aims to stimulate interest for job opportunities in the sector, to support the beginning of a career path and to show the concept of a career lifecycle. Five menu items invite users to browse a whole host of features:

European Maritime Industry
The user gets a general overview of the European Maritime Industry in which almost five million people work. The animated logistic chain shows, why 90 percent of all goods worldwide are transported by ship. What trends can be expected in the shipping industry? Go-Maritime provides a look into the future; from megaships, up to a kite for container ships and tankers. The main attraction is an interactive map that shows European training opportunities, information points and potential employers.

Working and living at sea
What is it like to work in the European Maritime Industry? The portal helps the user to get a realistic idea of a working routine. It takes him/her to concrete situations of the professional life at sea. Two films illustrate the everyday work of a Ship Deck Officer and a Ship Engineer. A selection of photos delivers authentic impressions of working and living at sea.

Working ashore
Young professionals who want to switch to work ashore can also find relevant information on the portal. Portraits of the different work areas in ports, at public authorities, in shipping companies and in the field of logistics companies show the different opportunities to work within the European Maritime Industry without spending time at sea.

My maritime career
Plenty of job opportunities ashore and at sea are characterised at the menu item My maritime career. The user selects his/her profile as a starting point and gets inspired by the potential career paths. Tasks and duties of daily job life, useful qualifications and career opportunities are described in a realistic way. As an additional service, the portal provides links to various job boards and application tips. E-learning-courses are available for potential and current workforce members in order to gain further substantial knowledge and develop relevant skills.

The menu item Interactive is a resource in which the user can become immersed in the maritime world such as through learning knots, playing a logistic multiplayer game and reading seamans dictionaries. YouTube videos are also available which show the day to day life of a person in a maritime profession, and Twitter delivers the latest news from the maritime community. There is also the facility to access the ship tracking website, where the user can check out where the ships of family members or friends currently are.

We welcome you to discover the variety of opportunities at www.Go-Maritime.Net Weitere Informationen:http://www.Go-Maritime.Net
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