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University of Passau named as an 'NVIDIA Research Center'

16.02.2015 - (idw) Universität Passau

Graphics processor manufacturer NVIDIA has named the University of Passau and the Chair of Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems (Professor Siegfried Handschuh) as an 'NVIDIA CUDA Research Center 2014'. This is in recognition of the University's advanced research in Large-Scale Text Mining and Semantic Computing of Big Text Data using graphics processing units (GPUs). NVIDIA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of graphics processors and chipsets. CUDA is both a parallel computing platform and a programming model. CUDA Research Centers are institutions that embrace and utilise GPU computing across multiple research fields, and are at the forefront of some of the worlds most innovative and important scientific research. The CUDA parallel programming model is an important element of the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, the leading platform for accelerating data analytics and scientific computing. CUDA enables programmers to achieve dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of NVIDIA GPU accelerators.

The University of Passau can now use the title 'NVIDIA CUDA Research Center 2014' for one year. 'The University of Passau was selected as a CUDA research center on the basis of the vision, quality and influence of Professor Handschuh's research work using CUDA technology,' according to a statement by NVIDIA. 'We are pleased to be a partner to his outstanding work at the University of Passau and look forward to our continued cooperation in the coming year.'

Research in Large-Scale Text Mining and Semantic Computing of Big Text Data is concerned with the process of conveying meaning from a computer science angle. This uses the advantages of Big Data, such as informational redundancy and the computing power of GPU clusters, to develop and apply mathematical models on the significance of linguistic entities, such as words, expressions and sentences. These models can then be put to work on existing problems in language recognition programs.

The Principal Investigator, Professor Siegfried Handschuh, who holds the Chair of Computer Science with a focus on Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems, said: 'The output of this research can benefit several disciplines, such as digital humanities, computational linguistic and cognitive science. Further, it will enable novel applications, such as intelligent Digital Libraries, allowing users to efficiently search, retrieve and browse the knowledge scattered across vast amounts of documents.'

Please address your enquiries concerning this press release to Professor Siegfried Handschuh,
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