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MBA des IBR Institute of International Business Relations GmbH akkreditiert

17.10.2001 - (idw) FIBAA

Das Fernstudien MBA Programm des IBR Institute of International Business Relations GmbH wurde von der FIBAA zum 2. Mal anhand der FIBAA - Fernstudien MBA-Standards überprüft und akkreditiert. Das Gütesiegel des Akkreditierungsrates beinhaltet diese Akkreditierung nicht, da dies nur an staatliche Hochschulen vergeben werden darf.

Following the fulfilment of all the quality requirements for distance MBA programmes on August 10th, 2001 FIBAA has now accredited the update of the International MBA of IBR Institute of International Business Relations GmbH. Further informations:

IBR Institute of International Business Relations GmbH
Dr. Andreas Kelling
Kurpfalzstr. 22
67435 Neustadt
tel +49-6321-670-343
fax +49-6321-670-344

FIBAA - The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation has given the IBR MBA programme excellent marks. The quality standards set by IBR Institute of International Business Relations are fully comparable with German state universities. Some standards like coaching of participants, balance of academic and professional experience of the teaching faculty, and the international character of the MBA programme are on an exellent level.

FIBAA accredited the first IBR MBA programme in 1999. It was the first distance learning MBA programme worldwide that was accredited on the basis of explicit FIIBAA distance learning criteria. Only two years later, the FIBAA analysts state that the updated IBR MBA concept could be trend setting. FIBAA has spent six months critically analysing this MBA on the basis of 86 different distance learning criteria. A selection of three criteria that have been marked with excellent plus provides insight into the quality of the programme:

Cross-cultural management: The IBR MBA offers true international and cross-cultural education. It exposes participants to different cultures by running residential periods in various countries with international faculty members and using teaching material that is based on research from top business schools around the world.

Practical application of theory (Project work): The IBR MBA developes managers by accelerating the acquisition of business people and strategic skills. IBR achieves this goal by coaching and supervising participants to act as business consultants where they learn through a wide range of activities to create value for the businesses by putting knowledge into practice.

Academic staff: IBR managed to recruit outstanding teaching staff for its MBA. Those experts not only represent 4 continents and 7 nations, they also present longstanding scientific and research careers at leading business schools and intensive management experience in well-known companies.

FIBAA welcomes the IBR MBA programme as it offers an excellent choice for participants that seek to improve their career opportunities in Eastern and Western Europe.

FIBAA was established in October 1994. FIBAA's aim is to support the maintenance and enhancement of quality standards in teaching and learning in Higher Education. A parallel objective is to provide sound guidance and information for students, employers and Higher Education institutions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. A central goal is to provide transparency in the growing market of business and economics related Bachelor and Master level programmes, and, in particular, to assure quality in Business Administration courses i.e. BBA and MBA.

A central function of FIBAA is accreditation. Since 1997, ten MBA and BBA programmes in Austria and Germany have been accredited by FIBAA. Since 2000 many more existing and new programmes (49) are in the process of being reviewed and assessed for accreditation. Importantly, the FIBAA has been working together with the German Accreditation Council (Accreditierungsrat) to develop appropriate standards for new, advanced Bachelor and Master level courses. The recognition of FIBAA by the German Accreditation Council (1) as the only independent professional accreditation body for business related courses of study, is testimony to the organisation's standing.

While founded by the leading organisations of industry and commerce in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, FIBAA works in partnership with universities, business schools, government and industry. Through their accreditation work FIBAA serves all these constituencies - on the one hand making course providers aware of the needs of the business education market and the wider economy, and on the other hand giving confidence to employers, students and young professionals that FIBAA accredited courses have been rigorously assessed to the highest independent standards.

Head Office: Adenauerallee 8a

53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel.: 0049-228 - 104 4300
Fax: 0049- 228 - 104 4303

Accreditation Dr. Herbert Graubohm

Information: Dipl.-Päd. Detlev Kran MBA(USA)

FIBAA, Adenauerallee 8a, 53113 Bonn, Tel.: 0049/228/104-4300, Fax: +49/228/104-4303 oder E-Mail

(1) The German Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) was founded by the "Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Laender in the Federal Republic of Germany" (Kultursministerkonferenz - KMK) and the "Association of Universities and Other Higher Education Institutions in Germany" (Hochschulretorenkonferenz - HRK).
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