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US-Nahostexperte Richard Bulliet (Columbia University) eröffnet Ringvorlesung am Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin

05.01.2005 - (idw) Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren Berlin e.V. (GWZ)

Auftaktveranstaltung des ZMO-Kolloquiums 'WORLD HISTORY'

Prof. Dr. Richard W. Bulliet vom Middle East Institute der Columbia University in New York spricht am Donnerstag, dem 27. Januar 2005 über


Ort: Zentrum Moderner Orient, Kirchweg 33, 14129 Berlin
Beginn: 18.00 s.t.

Richard Bulliet berichtet u.a. aus seinem neusten Buch, in dem er Argumente gegen Huntington und für eine islamo-christliche Zivilisation vorstellt. Er steht bis zum 3.2.2005 auch in anderen, deutschen Städten (ggf. HH/FFM.) für Interviews zur Verfügung. Auf Anfrage schicken wir Ihnen gerne seinen CV und seinen letzten Beitrag in der SZ. Conventional wisdom maintains that the differences between Islam and Christianity are irreconcilable. Middle East scholar Richard W. Bulliet disagrees. In his provocative lecture he looks beneath the rhetoric of hatred and misunderstanding to challenge prevailing views of Islamic history and a "clash of civilizations". These sibling societies begin at the same time, go through the same developmental stages, and confront the same internal challenges. Yet as Christianity grows rich and powerful and less central to everyday life, Islam finds success around the globe but falls behind in wealth and power.

Richard W. Bulliet is Professor of History at Columbia University. A former director of the Middle East Institute, he is the author of Islam: the View from the Edge and The Camel and the Wheel. He is furthermore the editor of The Columbia History of the Twentieth Century. Among several works of fiction, he wrote Kicked to Death by a Camel. He is one of the most renowned American scholars on Iran. With a view on Shiism he argued in Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ, 2.6.2004) that Iraq will not become a theocracy. He has more than 250 appearances commenting on current Middle Eastern affairs for local and national news media including The MacNeill-Lehrer Report, The Today Show, The CBS Morning News, and Larry King Live.

Richard W. Bulliet comments on:
'The Clash of Civilizations' by Samuel Huntington
"Civilizations that are destined to clash cannot seek together a common future. Like Mathews' Islam, Huntington's Islam is beyond redemption. The strain of Protestant American thought that both men are heir to, pronounces against Islam the same self-righteous and unequivocal sentence of 'otherness' that American Protestants once visited upon Catholics and Jews."

'Why Do They Hate Us' by Bernard Lewis
"Those who advanced the Japanese occupation as a model for postwar Iraq seem to have Baseball, Hello Kitty, and Elvis impersonators in the back of their minds rather than headscarves and turbaned mullahs. ? Like latter day missionaries, we want the Muslims to love us, not just for what we can offer in the way of a technological society but for who we are - for our values. But we refuse to countenance the thought of loving them for their values."

'What Went Wrong. The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East' by Bernard Lewis
"The idea that people in the Middle East once embraced the goal of becoming like Europe and hoped that by adopting European ideas and institutions they would someday experience all of the liberal values we recognize in the Europe of today is nonsense. It assumes a historical outcome for Europe itself that no one even in Europe could have predicted."

The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization
by Richard Bulliet, Columbia University Press 2004, 187 p.
ISBN 0-231-1 2796-0, US-$ 24,50

Das Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) unter Leitung der Nahost-Historikerin Prof. Ulrike Freitag ist die einzige Forschungseinrichtung Deutschlands, die sich interdisziplinär und in historisch-vergleichender Perspektive mit dem Nahen Osten, Afrika, Sued- und Suedostasien befasst. Der Text ist selbstverstaendlich frei zum Abruck. Ueber ein Belegexemplar/-link freuen wir uns sehr.

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Zentrum Moderner Orient
Kirchweg 33
14129 Berlin
Telefon: 030 - 80307-223
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