INNOVATEXT - 60 years of successful textile testing and research

25.03.2009 - (idw) Hohenstein Institute

BUDAPEST/BOENNIGHEIM (hm) INNOVATEXT of Hungary is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding. The innovative, neutral, independent testing and research authority for the textile and garment industry serves its home country and neighbouring countries as well. Established in 1949 as a national enterprise, the institute was successfully privatised during the political changes that took place at the end of the 1980s. Under the leadership of Dr. Pál Pataki, today, 17 other highly-qualified employees serve a group of 500 regular customers - companies in eastern and western Europe - along the entire value creation chain for textiles.
One of the primary competencies of the only institute in the region accredited under EN ISO 17025 is application-orientated research within the framework of national and European research programmes. Another is a broad range of internationally recognised quality testing and certification for raw materials and textile intermediate and end products. Since 1994, INNOVATEXT has been a member of the International Oeko-Tex® Association. It has also belonged to the Hohenstein Institute Group (Germany) since 2004. In addition, the institute is also active in a number of other international organisations and networks, such as EURATEX, TEXTRANET and AUTEX.
Among the services provided are, for example, testing for harmful substance in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 as well as auditing of environmentally-friendly production sites as set out in Oeko-Tex® Standard 1000. INNOVATEXT is also a European notified testing body (Nr. 1523) accredited for the certification of personal protective equipment (PPE). Commissioned by textile manufacturers and major retail chains and their suppliers, it also carries out laboratory-based quality assessments and on-site inspections. These services are augmented by inspection of machines and equipment according to existing occupational health and safety standards, individual consulting services and training and seminars for industry and trade. To ensure a high testing standard, the institute joins other European research institutes in taking part in several ringtests each year as part of its internal quality assurance programme. In the last two years alone, the institute has also spent some 20 million forints on upgrading its laboratory technology.
"The textile and garment industry enterprises located in Hungary and other eastern European countries can only remain competitive if their products feature innovative, additional functions," says INNOVATEXT's Director General Dr. Pál Pataki. "That's why as a partner to the textile industry, we rely on the most modern of equipment and comprehensive expertise in order to constructively support our customers' product development with new research results and recognised testing procedures," he continues. To achieve this end, INNOVATEXT also takes part in joint European research projects including the interdisciplinary investigation of new business fields for the textile and garment industry -- in the areas of nanotechnology, technical textiles, medical textiles and protective clothing, for example. At the same time, the institute's testing, consulting and training activities contribute significantly to the implementation of international standards and EU directives within the regional textile industry.
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