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09.02.2011 - (idw) European Media Laboratory GmbH

The European Media Laboratory (EML) will present a speech technology innovation at the CallCenterWorld in Berlin, 22-24 February. For the first time ever, two search methods will be combined: text search and phonetic search Berlin/Heidelberg. The Heidelberg IT enterprise European Media Laboratory GmbH (EML) will be attending the CallCenterWorld fair in Berlin with its own booth from 22 to 24 February 2011 (hall 5, booth A14). EML offers speech technology solutions for customer contacts over the phone. The EML Transcription Platform automatically converts phone calls into written text.

EMLs speech technology experts will be presenting an exciting innovation at CallCenterWorld: additional phonetic search. This feature enables users to find any term not only by text search, but also phonetically. This way, you can even find uncommon names that havenīt been entered into the system yet, says Dr. Siegfried Kunzmann, EMLs head of research and development. The EML Transcription Platform is the first speech technology system to combine word search in texts and phonetic search.

The EML Transcription Platform automatically converts incoming customer calls into text and classifies them into different product and problem categories, patterns, and conversational features. Moreover, the calls can be scanned for new topics and can also be linked to each other. Automatic transcription is the basis for so-called Advanced Keyword Spotting, a highly efficient extended search for key terms. Conventional systems have to reprocess all recorded calls every time a new keyword search is requested. In contrast, Advanced Keyword Spotting, reverts to the search in transcribed texts. Thatīs why it is as fast as any search engine, Kunzmann says. Also, these keywords can be linked together.

So the Advanced Keyword Spotting allows to quickly determine how many callers mention a certain product name, information that is interesting for the marketing and business strategy departments of companies. The calls represent authentic consumer opinions and thus contain important information required for the flexible modification of products, services, and activities. Our speech technology supports the employees of call centers in effective, costumer-friendly communication and facilitates strategic marketing analysis at the same time, Kunzmann sums up.

EML at CallCenterWorld, Berlin, Estrel Convention Center: hall 5, booth A14.

About the EML
The European Media Laboratory GmbH (EML) is a private IT enterprise established by Klaus Tschira, one of the founders of the SAP AG software company. In accordance with its motto Think beyond the Limits! EML is successfully pursuing research and development in the fields of human-computer interaction and automatic speech processing.


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